The Job Warrior is actually YOU.

Together we partner, target and achieve your successful job search.

A boutique job search firm, we offer a range of products and services to best articulate your credentials and experience, to distinguish you from the competition. We facilitate a meticulous and strategic job search, branding you distinctively amidst this fierce job market.

Equip yourself with a personally branded Job Warrior resume and cover letter. Additionally you can arm your stance through coaching sessions to hone your interview skills and savvy, leverage social media identity, assess career options and transitions, and review and refine your job search strategy.

The current job climate can necessitate major life changes such as further education, a physical move, a reincarnation of one’s professional self, or an entrepreneurial endeavor such as a small business start-up. Whatever your optimal survival requires, we can assist you in planning, establishing and meeting the necessary benchmarks. Our scope of services also includes applications, bios, and business plans.

We cultivate your ability to access and present your personal power.

The Job Warrior is inspired by kyudo, the ancient art of archery. Kyudo, founded in the zen philosophy, combines martial arts with the etiquette of society. As befits the challenges of the current job market, no unnecessary movements are undertaken and each action serves a specific purpose. The archer must take care to be grounded and persevere. Strength and grace move forward in the midst of personal stillness. In shooting the arrow the archer will find ‘the self’ in the target. This spiritual progression leads to the ultimate truth and discovery of a ‘self’ the Job Warrior believes in and presents well amongst competition. The archer raises the bow and draws the string to its limit.

The eye looks to the target. There is a moment of absolute concentration initiated by brief tension. Total focus presides at the precise moment the arrow is released. This is achieved with perfect posture, balance and stillness. The control of breath and mind generates a spiritual power. The immediate effect being increased attention and a cessation of distracting thought. The final ‘emptying of the mind’ occurs in the brief moment the arrow is released. The Job Warrior attains the goal.

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